About​ Kasey Von Owen Hopkins

Kasey Von Owen Hopkins
About Kasey Von Ownens Hopkins

I’m the proud owner of a highly-regarded window and siding company based in Kansas City, Missouri.

I design and install beautiful siding, windows, & doors!

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Meet Kasey Von Owen Hopkins, a family man passionate about building and construction. He is a highly skilled professional from Kansas City, Missouri, with a wealth of industry experience and a dog lover who cares deeply about his dogs and their well-being. In this article, we explore Kasey’s story, his impressive career in building and construction, and his love for his furry friends.

Kasey Von Owen Hopkins has been in the building and construction industry for over a decade. He has worked on various projects, from small-scale renovations to large-scale commercial constructions, and his work has always been exceptional.

One of the reasons why Kasey has been so successful in his field is because he believes in the power of communication and collaboration. He works closely with his clients and collaborates with his team to meet their needs. This approach has earned him a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy professional.

But Kasey’s passion for building and construction is not his only love. He is also a big animal lover, especially regarding dogs. Kasey has four dogs, all of whom are different breeds, and he considers them part of his family. He loves spending time with them and ensuring they are happy and healthy.

Despite his busy schedule, Kasey always makes time for his furry friends. He takes them on long walks, plays with them, and even takes them on trips whenever possible. His love for his dogs is evident in how he talks about them, and it is one of the things that makes him relatable and down-to-earth.

Another thing that sets Kasey apart from others in his field is his commitment to giving back to the community. He is involved in various local charities, and he uses his skills to help improve the lives of others. He believes it is essential to use one’s skills and resources to impact the world, no matter how small, positively.

Kasey Von Owen Hopkins is a skilled professional in building and construction and a passionate dog lover committed to making a positive impact in his community. He inspires many and is a testament to the fact that one can succeed personally and professionally. His story is worth knowing, and it is a privilege to share it.

About Me

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Kasey Von Owen Hopkins



Kansas City Siding Company

Owner and Operator

As the proprietor of a business specializing in windows, doors, and exterior siding, Kasey Von Owen Hopkins aims to achieve perfection in every project we undertake. He is at the helm of a team of highly-skilled and seasoned installers focused on fitting fixtures and genuinely dedicated to transforming your dwelling.

It’s not just about constructing or improving a building for us; it’s about taking that structure and making it into something more, a personal and inviting place that resonates as a home. Through careful planning, attention to the smallest detail, and applying our vast expertise, we ensure that every job is a step towards realizing that vision, turning your house into a warm, welcoming, and aesthetically pleasing home.


Missouri Roofing Company

Roofing Contractor

Kasey Von Owen Hopkins’ extensive experience and in-depth involvement in the roofing industry have allowed him to recognize and appreciate superior craftsmanship and quality instruction. Throughout my career, he has engaged in the construction, renovation, and remodeling of homes, focusing on building them and ensuring they are engineered to last.

His work transcends mere construction, as he takes immense pride in creating durable structures that are carefully crafted using the finest materials and techniques. This approach guarantees lasting quality and reflects his commitment to excellence in the field.


Replacement Window Company (Missouri)

Window Contractor

With over ten years of experience installing residential windows, Kasey Von Owen Hopkins has honed his skills and gathered extensive knowledge. Through my expertise, he is well-equipped to enhance the overall value of your home, providing improvements that not only increase the monetary worth but also significantly boost the visual attractiveness and curb appeal of your property.

By selecting the right windows and implementing professional installation techniques, he can create an aesthetic appeal that complements the architecture of your home, making it more desirable and appealing to potential buyers or simply enriching your living experience.